When fighters refused to fight

Recently during the shooting of “Rangbaz” the fighters refused to do the scene when they were explained that Rani Chatterjee will be smashing an earthen pot on their heads. One after the other fighter went on refusing to be a part of the scene. However, one fighter agreed on the term that there will be no rehearsal and no retakes ! In the scene Rani has been kidnapped by a goon who is going to marry her at his den. The hero comes to rescue her and during the fight Rani too helps him in the fight by smashing earthen pots on the heads of the goons. Fotunately, the scene was okayed in its very first shooting. Director of the film is Shivraj Yadav.

(Source : Shashikant Singh, Ranjan Sinha)


कुछ त कहीं......

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