For the first time a lead actress is being searched to be signed on whatever amount she demands. She will be then cast as the double role and that is again going to be a first time in Bhojpuri cinema when an actress will do a double role. The film is going to be made on the lines of Chalbaz or Sita Aur Geeta of Bollywood starred by Sridevi and Hema Malini respectively. The responsibility for selecting that actress is going to be put upon the shoulders of common man. Ad campaigns are planned in leading dailies of Bihar and U.P. where readers will be asked to make their choice amongst the four leading starlets of Bhojpuri cinema, Rinku Ghosh, Pakhi Hegde, Rani Chatterjee, and Monalisa. The internet too will be used for this survey and opinions will be asked on Facebook and other social networks.

The actress thus selected will be signed for whatever amount she demands, certainly no actress has got so much so far in Bhojpuri industry. She will be given the best package ever and the dream role like Sridevi and Hema Malini. The producer of the film is Guddurama from south Indian films. He wants to produce a great Bhojpuri saga but is uncertain about whom to select for the lead role. So he has thought of this offbeat plan. He wants the public to select an actress who is sincere, suitable for serious as well as naughty roles and must have enough glamour around her.

Let us wait for the result and see who is going to be that lucky actress !

(Source : Shashikant Singh)


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