Bhojpuria megastar and popular singer Manoj Tiwari is in the Bigg Boss season 4 as an contestant. His mame has been included in this week;s elimination list and every Bhojpuria should send as many SMS as possible to save him from elimination. All you have to do is type “MAN” on your mobile and send it to phone number 56882.

Last time Ravi Kishan was eliminated for want of only a few SMSs and Bhojpurias should remain vigilant this time not to let that happen again. It is also for the first time that Manoj Tiwari has been on the elimination list. He has to be saved ! Shashikant Singh, spokesman for Manoj Tiwari, has appealed all to send SMS in large numbers this time and everytime Manoj Tiwari is put on the elemination list.

(Source : Shashikant Singh)

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