A joyous ambivalance of masti engulfed the sets of Sugna on the very first day. This is the first film of producer director Ajay K. Ojha.

The set was of the court of a mantriji (Pramod Moutho)surrounded by his coterie. They included a wine merchant (Pradeep Gupta) and a corrupt police officer ( Govind Khatri). Dancer Seema Singh was gyrating on the sets with the song ? ?????? ?? ??? ?? ? ? ??????. Her beauty and charm was attracting everyone while the shrewedness of Pramod was giving an expectation of something unpleasant.

Ajay Ojha has given Hindi films like “Sanam Hum Apke Hai” and “Subah Hone Tak”. He is now introducing his younger son Aditya Ojha as the leading star in this film. Rajiv Dinkar is the other lead star. Ajay Ojha says that though the film is a love story it will be fully action packed and will change the attitude of Bhojpuri film vieweres. He says it is going to be full entertainment film with a positive message.

(Source : Uday Bhagat)

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