There are many who claim to be the savior of Bhojpuri industry but in reality the industry is progressing due to some silent workers who are nourishing it without coming in the limelight. One of these people is Raman Nayyar, a film producer, hailing from Punjab and who has produced many Pujnabi films. The attraction of Bhojpuri brought him to Bhojwood and he is surprizing one and all by continually producing one film after the other. Two of his films are still at the post production stage when he announced three more films.

Raman Nayyar says that there is an inherent fear amongst the Bhojwood people about Bhojpuri films and he is justtrying to instill confidence in them. His efforts are praiseworthy, nevertheless there is some risks in this approach. Raman retorts that there is always some risk in any business and unless you are willing to try something offtrack you cannot succeed.

Bhoojwood should be proud of Raman Nayyar and wish him all the success he deserves.

(Source – Space Creative Media)


By Editor

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