The number one villain of Bhojpuri cinema Sanjay Pandey is called the Pran of Bhojpuri cinema recalling the famous Bollywood villain Pran of old days. Sanjay Pandey was recently in Menka theater of Gorakhpur viewing the film Aulaad with media persons. The journalists noted that the viewers were abusing Sanjay Pandey and clapping when he was thoroughly thrashed by Nirahua. They then advised Sanjay Pandey to sneak out the theater silently and the made Sanjay laugh out. Sanjay explained that these abuses and curses are really like an award for the baddies of films. This shows that his performance is appreciated by the viewers.

The views of Sanjya Pandey were proved right when while coming out of the theater he was noticed by the viewers. They than started jumping with joy and surrounded Sanjay Pandey for an autograph or a picture with him. One of them told Sanjay that he is the Pran of Bhojpuri cinema and he goes to see every film of his.

It is not just a coincidence that every film Sanjay Pandey works in comes out as super duper hit. He gave many super hits last year and this year too the trend is continuing with Diljale, Hot Ba Jawani Ab Jiyan Ae Rajaji, Dushmani, and Nag Nagina. His upcoming films this year are Bajrang produced by J.P.Singh and Yadav Paan Bhandar by Jitesh Dubey.

(Source : Shashikant Singh, Ranjan SInha)

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