Uday Srivastava is counted among front line villains of Bhojpuri cinema. He is going to be seen in a very different type of villain in soon to be released film Galva Tohar Tamatar Ho Goriya produced by Baba Chandan International.

Hero of the film is Sudhir Panday who is a very versatile actor of theatres, TV, and films too. Uday has given him the run for the money. He plays a cruel villain Kundan Singh, a brother in law of local Thakur, in the film. He is blindly stalking Chanda Rani the lead actress in the film. He has made alive the brutality of Kundan. This film is produced by Bhiyalal Seth and directed by Vijay Krishna Chaturvedi.

Uday has many films to his credit including Saiya Sipaiya, Raja Thakur, Kab Kahaba Tu I Love You, Babuaa Humar, E Rishta Anmol Ba etc. He is a versatile actor as evident by his acting in these films.

(Source : Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala)