The ‘Betwa Bahubali’ of Bhojpuri cinema, i.e. Ajay Dikshit may look cruel on the screen beating and thrashing the baddies but in real life he is very emotional and sensitive. This came out clearly while he was dubbing for “Baagi”. The scene was an exchange between a constrained father and his rebel son and the dialogues made Ajay so emotional that he starte weeping. Seeing the situation the director stopped dubbing for some time till Ajay was able to regain his composure.

Ajay Dikshit tells that the scenes are so emotional that viewers too will not be able to control their weeping. This exceptional story spanning a duration of 20 hours only is based on the brick klin workers.

The star cast has Ajay Dikshit, newcomer Ranu Pandey, Vijay Khare, Seema Singh, Shrawan Saxena, Manoj Dvivedi, Roza, VIjay Shukla, Shankar Singh and others. Producers are Shakeel Khan and Mansur Azmi.

The film is currently at the post production stage and will soon be ready for release.

(Source – Uday Bhagat)


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