“Aag – aego aandhi” is a story of four unemployed friends

Unemployment is a burning social problem. When one remains unemployed even after properly educated he has to face comments from family and society as well. This forces them sometime on wrong path without any return option. Because you cant take a U-turn in crime world!

The story of Bhojpuri film “Aag – aego aandhi” made under the banner of DJ Movie Entertainment is of that kind. Arjun and his friends are unemployed despite being educated. Marriage of Arjun’s sister breaks down due to financial problems. After being ridiculed by family and society Arjun and his friends become gangsters. On a turn in his life Arjun meets Bela and falls in love and then he realizes that he has done a blunder by entering underworld but by then it is too late and he cant go back to normal life as there are no u-turns in underworld.

Pankaj Kesri is playing Arjun in the film and Ritika Sharma is playing Bela. Other actors in the film include Jay Yadav, Anara Gupta, Kuldip, Shiva Pandit, Avinash Rajak, Sapna Pandey, Farida, Ram Singh, and Heera Lal Yadav. Story and direction is of Ramashankar, music by Siddharth-Shalini, and lyrics are by Arvind Tiwari and Ashok Sinha. Dance directors are Anthony and Kedar Subba, cameraman Jagmindar Handal and fight master is Heera Lal Yadav.

It was mostly shot in Bhuj of Guajrat where Aamir Khan had shot his “Lagaan” and also in Mumbai.

(Source – Samarjeet, Uday Bhagat)


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