Baagi – A one night stand

Bhojpuri film makers are rarely known for their experimentations. Usually they go on the beaten track, a song here, a fight there, and paste one or two item-numbers. But director and writer A.R.Sarkar is going to give them a befitting reply. Sarkar is going to present a wonderful story spanning only a single night on celluloid.

Ajay Dixit is going to play the title role of “Baagi” (the rebel) in this film. Ajay Dixit was awarded the “Best Newcomer Actor” for his first film “Betwa Bahubali”. Gunjan Kapoor is going to act with him. Made under the banner of DRJ and Fifty Sins Production, and AJM Films and School division this film will be presented by Ashok Jain and produced jointly by A.R.Sarkar, Shakeel Khan, and Mansoor Azmi.

Recently the film was musically launched with the recording of a song under the music direction of Raj Inder Raj. Director A.R.Sarkar tells that the eventful night is beautifully arranged in the film. All the songs are needed as per the story and no song or number is super imposed unjustifiably. The shooting of the film is going to start from next month.

(Source : Uday Bhagat)


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