Babloo Ki Love Story : the name says it all

Kartik and Kiran Rathod
A Bhojpuri film “Babloo Ki Love Story” is complete and is at post production stage. Produced under the banner of Pratima Films Creations by Anand Kumar, the film is directed by Narsimha Nandi and is expected to release soon. Actress Kiran Rathod is in the role of an engineer in the film who is proposed by a teenager Babloo. Viewers will see live kissing scenes and will get full entertainment. The director of the film Nandi says that the success of film is when the viewers keep on sitting in the hall without attending mobile calls ! For this comedy, romance, action, item songs etc. are not compulsory. The story which attracts all is the main thing. Main characters of the film are played by Kiran Rathod and Kartik. Lyrics are by Rupesh, music by Saket Sairam, camera Kalyan Sami, and dialogues by Kamal Kumar.

(Source – Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala)


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