Bhojpuri films has started crossing the shores of India and frequently being shot at foreign locations. Mauritius and London are the usual places for such shoots. Now Bangkok too has been added to the list when any Bhojpuri film was shot there and the credit goes to “Aakhiri Rastaa” of K.S.Saibaba.

Six song sequences and some other scenes were shot there. Nirahua, Pakhi Hegde, and Rinku Ghosh were included in this shooting schedule. Part of the film has already been shot at picturesque locations of Hydereabad. Director G.Subbarao, who has also credited with the story, says that the purpose of this shoot was to expand the market of Bhojpuri cinema and to give them something they longigly desire to see in Bhojpuri films.

Star cast of “Aakhiri Rasta” includes, apart from Nirahua, Pakhi, and Rinku Ghosh, well known stars like Monalisa, Satya Prakash, PD Raj, Anay Ghosh, Ashok Kumar, Raghunath, and Manoj Tiger. Lyrics are by Vinay Bihari and Pyarelal Yadav, Music is by Rajesh -Rajnish.

(Source : Prashant-Nishant)

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