Bhojpuri films get overseas market

In the 50 yrs history of Bhojpuri cinema there is going to be an international market for Bhojpuri films. Eros International, a well known company engaged in production and distribution of Hindi cinema, has joined hands with Ravi Kishan to promote Bhojpuri cinema in overseas market. The first film going to be released in overseas market is “Satyameva Jayate” produced by Anil Singh and directed by Babloo Soni.

This is worth noting that till date Bhojpuri films were shown in foreign countries due to personal efforts of the producer and that too at one or two places and for a day or two. This is for the first time that there is going to be organised effort to release Bhojpuri cinema in overseas market. Eros has identified nearly a dozen countries with sizable Bhojpuria population and more emphasis is on countries like Fizi, Guyana, Surinam, Mauritius etc. After Satymaeva Jayate other Ravi Kishan starrer films will be released too. Ravi Kishan has welcomed this development and has said that due to this decision of Eros Bhojpuri film industry has got a new market and has been strengthened.

(?ource : Uday Bhagat)


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