Costume for Seema in seven Lakh

The item number of Seema Singh in Bhojpuri film “Jung” is such that every one got a shock of their life. Even the costume she was wearing had cost Rs. Seven Lakhs to the producer Sky Movies Pvt. Ltd. The item number was filmed at Mother Nature studio. Twelve days were spent on making the Lahanga she was wearing for the item dance. The dance was also very titillating and was choreographed beautifully by Reshma Khan. The song was of the tune that reminded everyone of “Sheela Ki Jawani”. The film “Jung” is produced by Kusum Dhanuka and directed by Prashant Nanda. Seema Singh says the item number will get very good response from the viewers as it has been filmed very carefully and with open heart. The Bijuria of Bhojpuri cinema is sure to mesmerize the viewers.

(Source – Shashikant Singh)


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