Dangerous stunts by Sanjay Pandey

Stunts are always dangerous else they wont be stunts anymore. But what Vinay Anand is doing these days is more dangerous than stunts. Stunts are done by professionals who follow all the safety measures and are well trained. But Sanjay Pandey avoided the safety gear, security wire in this case, when he jumped from above forty feet height and this was really dangerous. Fortunately the scene, shot at Pratapgarh for his film Raja Ke Rani Se Pyar Ho Gayel”, was completed without any mishaps.
Sanjay Pandey did the same when he had to brerak glass panes jumping from 2o feet height for “Dushmani” and got injured. Though he completed the shot . He did the same at Allahabad for the shooting of “Bajrang” where he had to jump from a high building and fight with Pawan Singh. A bike stunt was also done by him at Azamgarh for his film “Aulad”. The reality is Sanjay Pandey has been properly trained for stunts and that is the secret of his dangerous stunts.

(Source : Shashikant Singh )


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