Dushmani starring Rinku Ghosh

After the success of “Aakhiri Rasta” the fans of Rinku Ghosh will see her again in a grand role in Bhojpuri film “Dushmani”. Rinku Ghosh and Viraj Bhatt are the lead pair of the film. Her role is very captivating and she is the only actress of Bhojpuri cinema whose name sells. Distributors are willing to pay any sum for her films. Films starring Rinku Ghosh, as seen in “Bidaai”, “Mrityunjay” and “Aakhiri Rasta”, are always favoured by the masses. Whenever a challanging role is scripted the first name coming in the minds of directors and producers is that of Rinku and she has become the No. 1 actress of Bhojpuri cinema. “Dushmani” is produced by Durga Pd. Majumdar.

(Source – Shashikant Singh)


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