Everything comes second for Vinay Anand

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April 5, 2011

Keeping up his habit of punctuality and taking great pains to safeguard the interests of his producers Vinay Anand has no pretensions despite being a ssuper star of Bhojpuri cinema. Work comes first for Vinay Anand and everything else may wait, even his breakfast and lunch. His assistant boy feeds him on the way while Vinay Anand drives for shoot. Recently when he arrived at Film City studio for the shooting of his film the whole unit was pleasantly surprised as they knew that Vinay Anand was busy doing shooting till late last night for his film “Elan E Jung”. Praising the professionalism of Vinay Anand, Ravi Sinha says it is always a preasure to workwith him. Ravi knows for sure because he is doing three films with Vinay Anand.

(Source – Shashikant Singh)


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