Film City taking shapes at Gorakhpur due to Manoj Tiwari

The dream of making a Film City at Gorakhpur is taking shape these days. The GDA has already alloted a 40 acre plot for the film city, though Manoj Tiwari is asking for 200 acres. The proposed Film City will be constructed on a cost of about Rs. 200 crores. Many corporate houses are eager to join this venture.

Manoj Tiwari says that the Film City will be ready in two years time and will be a boon for the Purvanchal. It will create enough employment opportunity for the local youth as well as promote Gorakhpur as a tourist destination. Stars of Mumabi, Hyderabad and bangalore will start appearing at Gorakhpur too. The film will stop the labor drainage to megacities and create enough job opportunity at the local level.

(Source : Shashikant Singh)


One thought on “Film City taking shapes at Gorakhpur due to Manoj Tiwari”
  1. bada dukh k baat hau k bihar jaisan badh bhojpuri pradesh me na hoke gorakhpur me film city k nirman ho rahal biya…

कुछ त कहीं......

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