Anyone can became a villain beating the hero blue, if he is able bodied. But when the villain is handicapped and even then is able to instill fear in the hero’s mind that makes a real villain ! Girish Sharma is one such villaing who takes the show whenever he appears on the scree. A he-man with strong body and beautifull looks Girish could have easily become a hero in cinema but he wanted to be known as a villain on the silver screen and fortunately his ambition got fulfilled.

Starting his career with “Pyar Karenge Pal Pal” Girish Sharma has done more than a dozen films. The latest one is “Ganga Devi’ a film by Deepak Savant. His Malla Yuddha is about to release, shootings for Kali and Dhamal Kaila Raza are going at full steam. Girish wants to be knows as the Mogambo of Bhojpuri cinema and the famous punch line is sure going to be changed to “Mogambo khush bhayeel…!”

(Source : Space Creative Media)


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