I do different characters in the films as the directors demand : Sudeep Pandey

Starting his film career with Harry Fernandes directed action film Bhojpuriya Bhaiya Sudeep Pandey established his credentials as an action star from his very first film. He did many films after that. Recently his acting in Hamar Lalkaar has been praised by one and all. His forthcoming film Kurbani is in current talks amongst film lovers.

Sudeep has played the character of a servant in this film who is loyal to his mistress. He prevents her on many occasions from doing wrongs. Working with Suhasini, a star actress of south, in the film by Ramji Films Pvt Ltd. was a pleasant occasion for Sudeep. He says that Ramji Films are successful producers and they know the viewers likes and dislikes. They are going to love Kurbani for sure.

This is because of superb presentation of action scenes by the director Fani Raj. Many scenes in the film will be seen for the first time by the viewers. These are almost Hollywood style action scenes. Sudeep Pandey says he has done all these scenes himself and viewers will certainly notice these scenes quite different from other scenes done routinely by other actors these days.

Suddep loves to do different characters in different films as it is demanded by the directors. He says it is not neccessary to get typed and hopes that his fans will certainly like his role in this film too.

(Source : Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala)


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