Next film of Bhojpuri super star Pawan Singh scheduled for release is “Lagal Nathuniya Ke Dhakka”. The whole unit is eagerly awaiting its release. Sunil Sinha has directed this film. He has earlier directed many successful films and the same is expected of this film too. This has a social message to live in real life rather than drawn towards the glamour world. The star cast of the film includes Pawan Singh, Krisha Khandelwal, Arti Puri, Awadhesh Mishra, Anand Mihan, Vijay Khare among others. Lyrics are by Vinay Bihari and Virendra K.Pandey. Music is by Madhukar Anand. Producers are Chandra B.Verma and Rohan R.Shah, cameraman is Ravi Nandan and Rajesh Kumar is the associate producer.

(Source : Ranjan Sinha.)

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