Last week the megastar of Bhojpuri Cinema Manoj Tiwari was shown the door in “Bigg Boss” reality show on Color TV channel. To make the matter more disputed is his defeat from a “non-entity” of Bollywood Asmit Patel. So blame the supporters of Manoj Tiwari. They say that the real reason behind his orchestrated ouster was his pleading for Sairabano Faizabadi who had initially sang the popular song “Launda Badnam Hua Naseeman Tere Khatir”. This popular song was plagiarised for “Dabang” as “Munni Badnam Hui”. In a show Manoj Tiwari had asked Arbaz Khan, the directer of Dabang, to please suitably compensate Sairabano Faizabadi who is living a life of penury. Arbaj Khan became angry on this suggestion. It is being said Manoj Tiwari was ousted for this very reason and supporters of Manoj Tiwari are asking the “Bigg Boss” to come clean on the SMS issue and show how Manoj Tiwari was defeated ?

(Source – Shashikant Singh, Ranjan Sinha)


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