Mithilesh Singh blessed with Ek Vardaan

After being associated with Bihar theatre for last 25 years, Mithilesh Singh has been blessed with “Ek Vardaan”. This is the name of a Bhojpuri film he is going to direct. The film is produced by Diwakar Dvivedi and Anand Mishra. Recently the film was launched musically with recording of a song in the voice of Indu Sonali under the music director Rajesh Rajnish. Mahanayak Kunal Singh, Anil Samrat, Prakash Jais, Vishnu Shankar Velu and many others were present on the occasion. Anil Samrat and Rinku Ghosh play the lead pair in the film. The story is based on re-encarnation where the brother of the heroine rebirths as a snake and tells a truth to her while giving he a blessing. But the truth starts haunting her. The film will go for shooting next month.

(Source : Prashant-Nishant)


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