Newcomer Robin Khan in the lead role of Kusoor

Newcomer artist Robin Khan in playing the lead role in Kusoor with Kalpana Shah who has already worked in dozens of Bhojpuri films.

Kusoor has been produced by Irfan Khan and is directed by Ashok Atre. Shooting for the film has been completed and editing is going on. Major shooting waas done at various locations of Basti.

K.Ratnesh has composed the music for the lyrics written by
Munna Dubey. Singers are Udit Narayan and Vinod Rathod. The songs are very melodious and will be liked by one and all.

Star cast of the film includes Robin Khan, Kalpna Shah, Manoj Tiger, Gopal Rai, Manoj Dvivedi, Bipin Singh, Jay SIngh, Anara Gupta, Mahak Shukla, Deeya, and Vinod Tiwari. This is a suspense thriller and Gopal Rai has an important role in the film.

(Source : Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala)


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