One of the most popular shows on Mahuaa TV is “Sur-Sangram”. It had created history in its first run and now the second season too has reached the final stage.

Mamta Raut of Ranchi is representing Bihar while Raghubir Sharan Shrivastava is representing Uttar Pradesh in this competition called “Sur-Sangram season 2”. They have won the hearts and rankings from the judges to reach this stage. But now it is the turn of general public, including you and me, to decide who should win this competition.

In the last season both the competitors were declared winner of the first prize and the competition was declared tie. Both Alok and Mohan were denied the pleasure of becoming the No.1. But this time it is not going to happen again. Only one of these two, Mamta or Raghubir, is going to be the winner and the decision is in your hands.

Those who want to see the blind singer Raghubir as a winner should type UP on their mobile and send to 54242. Those who want to support the lady singer Mamta Raut shpuld type BIHAR on their mobiles and send to 54242. The voting lines will remain open till 5 P.M. of 19th Dec.

(Source : Prashant-Nishant)

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