Pakhi shoots for 36 hours continuosly

Pakhi Hegde is the number 1 actress of Bhojpuri cinema and is also the favorite of Bhojpuri doctors as well. This results sometimes in 36 hours shooting schedule for her. Recently she had to work for 36 hours continuosly for “Santaan” and a special song sequence for Harry Fernandes directed “Rampur Ke Lakshman”. On some days she is shooting for Aslam Shekh directed “Bhaiya Hamar Dayavan” in the day shift and goes to shoot for “Bidesiya” produced by Abhay Sinha in the night shift. She works so hard because she always cares for her producers. Pakhi is also celebrating double success as her film “Aakhiri Rastaa” is doing super biz in Bihar while “Lofar” is doing the same in Mumbai. She has more than a dozen films of the floor at present.

(Source – Prashant-Nishant)


कुछ त कहीं......

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