Pawan Singh as a Govinda

Heart throb of Bhojpuri cinegoers and super star of Bhojpuri cinema is going to present himself like Govinda so beautyfully that they will be surprised enough to speak out, Are, Govinda in a Bhojpuri film?

This particular scene comes during a song of Bhaiya Ki Sali Odhania Wali produced by Alok Kumar under the banner of Sanjogita films. This is the intro song for the film and Pawan will be seen like Govinda in the blockbuster movie Partner swinging in the arms of beauties.

Directed by Premanshu Singh the film presents Pawan Singh in a romantic role with a life full of love and joy. Shubhi Sharma is the lead actress in the film. Others include Rajnish Jha, Anup Arora, Kiran Yadav, C.P.Bhatt, and Deep Raj Raja. Music is by Ashok Kr.Deep.

(Source : Prashant Nishant)


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