Pawan Singh having field day in Bihar

Bihar is the highest paying territory for Bhojpuri films and super star Pawan Singh rules the roost in this territory. His hold on the box offices is such that nowadays his films are doing exceptional collections and are holding 85 theaters in Bihar.

Two films of Pawan Singh were released recently in Bihar. “Devar Bhabhi” and “Darar”. Both are getting full support of the viewers. “Darar” was released in more than 40 theaters in Bihar and is going over-house-full there. “Devar Bhabhi” too is getting good return.

Pawan Singh is a carefree youth in “Darar” and his romantic scenes are greeted by grand claps. Likewise his scenes with the queen of Bhojpuri Cinema Pakhi Hegde in “Devar Bhabhi” too is to the liking of film goers. These successes of Pawan Singh signals about the future. This year Pawan has given three superhits, ‘Devra Bada Satavela, Saiya ke Sath Madaiya Me, and Bhaiya Ke Sali Odhania Wali.” His two films to be released soon are “Kurukshetra” and “Gundai Raj”.

(Source : Prashant-Nishant)


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