The youngest hero of Bhojpuri cinema Pradeep Pandey Chintu is still in his teens as he is merely of 18 years age and studying in B.Com 2nd year. Chintu started his film career with a block buster film ‘Deewana’ and has acted in ‘Devra Bada Satavela’ as a hero in the direction and guidance of his father Rajkumar R.Pandey. The film had super stars like Ravi Kishan and Pawan Singh, still Pradeep Pandey Chintu was able to make an imprint of himself on the viewers. Pradeep then continued to act in films like ‘Lahariya Loota Ae Rajaji’, “Mai Nagin Tu Nagina’, and ‘Dushmani’ and become the favorit of viewers with his good acting skills.

Now Chintu is again coming to win the viewers heart with two of his films Piyava Bada Satavela and Truck Driver going to release soon. Kajal Ragahni is his heroine in both these films. Pradeep Pandey is satisfied with his film career as of now but wants to do bigger and better things in future. He gives all credits for his performance and success to his mentor father Rajkumar Pandey.

(Source -Prashant-Nishant)


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