Ravi Kishan worshipped by his fans

A mad crush for their stars is very common in south India, but, now Biharis too have started such fan following. Recently this was seen in many towns of Bihar where Ravi Kishan was worshipped and his photo was given milkbaths, Dugdhabhishek, by his fans.
In Patna a procession started after worship at famous Mahabir Temple and went to Veena cinema wherer “Faulaad” starring Ravi Kishan was being shown. In the campus of the theater a big cutout of Ravi Kishan was garlanded and later given milkbath. This was lead by Neeraj Pandey, general secretary of Ravi Kishan Fan Club, and Uday Bhagat. Producer Rajnish Gupta, director Feroz Khan, Rajeev Ranjan Kumar, Rohit Singh Mataru, Nirupama Shree, Puneet Singh, Sushant, Raju Kumar, Sandeep Lal, Sunil Singh of Veena cinema and others were present on the occasion. Himandri Das of Bihar Advertisement Welfare Association planted a tree in the campus.
Talking with the media, Neeraj Pandey said that Ravi Kishan and his family are going through horrowing times these days after a tragic incident at their house. So his fans decided to prey for his wellbeing and also to wish grand success to his film “Faulaad”.
Such functions were also organised at other places. Presindent of Ravi Kishan Fan Association Alok Srivastava lead it at Muzaffurpur, Sujeet Sarthak at Motihar and Ritesh Jaiswal at Katihar.
Such a show was organised for the first time for any actor in Bihar.

(Source : Uday Bhagat )


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