Sanjay Pandey continues to rule

The leading villain of Bhojpuri cinema Sanjay Pandey has given five hits in last four months. This confirms the opinion that he continues to rule the Bhojpuri cinema. Viewers came in hordes when his film “Lahariya Luta E Rajaji” in Mumbai for the second time.

Then his recently released film “Diljale” too proved to be a craze amongst viewers. Sanjay Pandey is collecting claps as well as verbal slaps for his performance in “Dushmani”. Sanjay also showed his calible in “Main Nagin Tu Nagina” and “Aa Ja Odhaniya Taan Ke” His number one position is going to be his this year too as he has many good films of big banners to his credit this year too.

Recently Sanjay Pandey gave a very dangerous stunt when he performed fighting scenes over burnig brick klin. Large number of people had gathered in Pratapgarh to see his shooting. Such scenes all challenge even to trained stuntmen and Sanjay did that himself ignoring saner advice to use duplicates. That is the reason Sanjay is numero uno villain of Bhojpuri cinema.

(Source : Shashikant Singh)


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