Bhojpuri cinema is said to be the films for common man but its star are now uncommon VIPs with likings for branded apparel and Swiss watches. However a newcomer in this crowd is gradually rising on the steps of success and that hero is Sanjeev Rajput.
Coming from a small village Guthani to Mumbai he travelled the same path a commoner takes and naturally he is well aware of the problem a commoner faces. And this is the reason that even after earning name and money both from his acting and writtings Sanjeev Rajput is still attached with the common man. He loves to be a common man. Sanjeev started his acting career with “Ee Kaisan Sansar” and his upcoming film is “Pyar Ke Bandhan Tute Na Mitwa”.
Written and directed by Mehmood Alam this film has Sanjeev Rajput and Manoj Tiger as partners in the film. Three other films of Sanjeev Rajput are also on the floor. Sanjeev has also learned acting from a reputed institution in Mumbai but says that acting is not something which can be taught. It comes as nature in every person and the training only sharpens the skills.
Sanjeev feels assured about the success of the film. He feels that Bhojpuri cinema is gradually drifting away from its moors and that is the reason the viewers too are gradually drifting away. There is a strong need to revert back to our roots. Are our filmmakers listening ?

(Source : Space Creative Media)

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