Sudeep Pandey works on his own terms

Sudeep Pandey belongs to Gaya in Bihar and entered films with Bhojpuriya Bhaiya directed by Harry Fernandes. He avoids talking about his ‘struggler days’. He feels that though the Bhojpuri films are usually family oriented films the ‘family’ hardly visits the theates. And this is the biggest tragedy of Bhojpuri films. Sudeep has good performances to his credit but he has not made any waves becuase he is basically a theater artist and is not willing to do whatever comes his way. He loves to work on his own terms and so his options are by and large limited.

Sudeep Pandey fails to explain why he does double roles in most of his films. He says the directors know the reasons. Sudeep even started with a double role in his very first film Bhojpuriya Bhaiya. His recently released film Mr.Tangawala too has his double roles. And in his next film Kasam Tiranga Ki Sudeep is going to be seen in ten different roles in a single film.

Talking about the situation of the Bhojpuri film industry Sudeep feels that the industry is affected by star system but he thinks producers and directors are at fault. They shoul give more chances to new comers. Further the producers and distributors should sit and discuss the ways to sort out the thorns in the system.

Sudeep Pandey also has political inclination and is bidding for his time. He thinks politics is a good platform if you want to do something for the society and the nation. He goes to gym and chats with his buddys in his off hours and loves his parents.

(Source : Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala)


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