Sudip Pandey is back in action

The action star of Bhojpuri cinema, Sudip Pandey, has once again arrived on the top of success with his superhit film Hamar Lalkaar which is making waves at the Bhojpuria box office.

Sudip Pandey had resurrected the era of action in Bhojpuri cinema with his hit films Bhojpuria Bhaiya and Bhojpuria Daroga and has developed a He-Man image for himself. That he-man image has came forward again with the success of Hamar Lalkar.

With his superb action and powerful dialogue delivery Sudip is praised with the clappings of the viewers. Sudip is thanking his fans for the love and patronage shown to him. His other films going to release in near future include Hum Hain Dharamyoddha, Nathuniya Pe Goli Maare, Hamar Dadagiri, Bagavat, and Qurbani.

(Source : Prashant-Nishant)


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