The intelligent director of Bhojpuri films Sunil Sinha tries always to keep his producers on the safe side. He tries his best to keep the cost lower and make a film high on profit potential, He has started his direction career as the assistant of Prakash Jha for the Hindi film “Damul” and later with Kalpataru for many hindi films. He then started directing Bhojpuri films and has given many successful films like Mai Ke Dular, Suhagan Bana Da Sajna Hamar, Dulha Aisan Chahi, Ankhiya Ladiye Gayeel, Pujiha Charan Mai Baap Ke etc. His next film is “Lagal Nathuniya Ke Dhakka” starring Pawan SIngh, Krisha Khandelwal, Arti Puri, Awadhesh Mishra, Vijay Khare etc. He has introduced many new actors like Divya Desai, Sweeti Chabra and Awadhesh Mishra etc who are now a well known name themselves and do not need any introdduction.

Sunil Sinha worries for Bhojpuri cinema when he observes the copying of Hindi films in Bhojpuri which does not augur well for the Bhojpuri film industry. He also laments the unavailability of good music and a proper story. Sunil Sinha wants that Bhojpuri super stars and distributors should try to safeguard the producers so that they continue producing new films.

Sunil SInha says that “Lagal Nathuniya Ke Dhakka” has a fresh storyboard with a social message to live in reality.

(Source : Samarjeet)


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