The interesting game of Pawan Singh's film titles

Titles of the films starring Pawan Singh have an interesting features. Some titles are presumed lucky because those alwayys result in a successful film. On such example is Tohare Nam. This string has been used in three films of Pawan Singh, Rang Li Chunariya Tohare Nam Ki, Menhadi Rachayeb Tohare Nam Ki, Umariya Kaeli Tohare Nam, and everytime the film has been a superhit. Rang Li Chunariya was Pawan’s first film.

Another string is Chor. Pawan Singh starrer film Chorwa Banal Damad was successful and now another film Chor Ji Namaste is going to release soon. Daroga has been used twice in Bhojpuria Daroga and Rangbaj Daroga. Odhania too is a lucky charm for Pawan Singh’s film as in Odhaniya Kamal Kare and a new film is coming as Bhaiya Ke Sali Odhania Wali.

One of his film uses his own name in Pawan Purvaiya. One word that is repeatedly used nowadays for Pawan Singh’s films is Devar. Examples are Devara Bada Satavela, and Devar Bhabhi.

Keep it up producers and Pawan Singh. We too are enjoying this game.

(Source : Khalid)


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