The long cherished dream of Pawan Singh becomes a reality

Pawan Singh, super star of Bhojpuri cinema, had a long cherished desire which has been fulfilled recently. You might be thinking what kind of desire a super star can have ! This was nothing spectacular but a simple desire of shooting of a film, in which he himself is a hero, in his locality. His desire got fulfilled with the shooting of Lagal Nathuniya Ke Dhakka at Ara of Bihar.

Pawan Singh belongs to Ara. He started his career as a singer and got popular before he was introduced to Bhojpuri cinema. He soon became a super star of Bhojpuri cinema too.

Talking about the film Pawan Singh says that he plays a simple village boy in the film with ordinary looks but the story is heart touching. The chemistry of love has been filmed very beautifully in the film. Arti Puri is the lead actress in the film Lagal Nathuniya Ke Dhakka .

(Source : Khalid)


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