The ‘Rangbaz’ bully from Jehanabad

The naxal infested Jehanabad instills fear even with its name But Haider Kazmi has spent his early years in the streets of Jehanabad and this shows in his films as Jehanabadi bully. After the success of crime story based Hindi film “Path” Haider Kazmi has now completed his first Bhojpuri film “Rangbaz” too. Shivram Yadav who hails from Deoria, and has seen the crime of Purvanchal from close quarters is the director of the film Both of them, Shivram Yadav and Haider Kazmi, were in Path too. Rani Chatterjee is the lead actress of the film. Rani and Haider claim that though “Rangbaz” is an action packed film it has emotion as well as entertainment and its success is sure. Shivram Yadav says that Bhojpuri film industry is gettin a talented star Haider Kazmi with this film. Chemisty between Rani and Haider was good on the screen.
(?ource : Shashikant Singh)


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