For centuries the rulers have been vicitmising the poor. The forthcoming Bhojpuri film “Lallu Bihari” is based on a similar theme. Made under the banner of Parag films “Lallu Bihari” shows the exploitation of poor people by the rich ones. It shows a Thakur, the traditional villain of Bhojpuri films, Pratap Singh (Rakesh Pandey) victimising his poor villagers. Ram Singh is a poor farmer killed by the Thakur. Wife of Ram Singh and his son Lallu (Alok Jha) live to suffer. However the eldest son Bihari (Ballu Singh) of the Thakur befriends Lallu when he comes to know that his father had killed Ram Singh. The angry Thakur does all sorts of victimisation on Lallu and tries his best to break his son’s friendship with Lallu. That is the high light of the film. P.Rajkumar has directed this film on the story written by Rajiv Jha. Music is by Baiju Bansi, lyrics by Sanjay Sanehi and Ashok Sinha, camera by Raj Khilnani, and fight by Sanjay. There are ten songs in the film sung by Md.Aziz, Indu Sonali, Vinod Rathor, Babloo SIngh, Khushboo Jain, Anupama Deshpandey, Soren Bhatt and S.K.Deepak.

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