Will someone make me live my life again

It was an opportunity and it was an occasion. Stage was filled up with old friends, old teachers and the mind was filled with old memories with intermingled images. Some incidents, some penalties, some memories were making everyone nostalgic about their past when all of them were the students of Shri Kamlakar Chaube Adarsh School Inter College of Varanasi. The function was the alumni meet and annual day of the school and Manoj Tiwari “Mridul” was on the mike while Siddharth Gautam and Pandit Srikrishna Tiwari were seating on the stage. Manoj Tiwari too was remembering his old days and the moment spent in the shadows of the old banian tree inside the campus. He sang and sang his favorite and popular songs adding another in the memories of those present.

(Source – Shashikant Singh)


कुछ त कहीं......

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