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  • “Bandhan Tute Na”, a Bhojpuri film starring Bhojpuri megastar Manoj Tiwari has been included in the International Film Festival organisd in Haryana. Films from 70 countries, including England, Germany, Romania, Russia amd Korea, are included in this festivavl. Bandhan Tute Na is the only Bhojpuri film included in this festival at YamunaNagar, nearly 90 kms from Chandigarh. Manoj Tiwari has also been invited as Chief Guest to the festival.(Shashikant Singh)
  • “Saiyan Driver Bibi Khalasi” is the first Bhojpuri film made on a Hindi novel “Makhan Pkhar” written by Ramdhari Singh Diwakar. This is a fresh and welcome step to improve the story, script and dialogues of Bhojpuria films. Debuting actor Anuj Gupta and top Bhojpuria actress Rinku Ghosh are in the lead roles.(Prashant-Nishant)
  • During the just ended Navratri a Hindi video album “Jai Ma Vaishnavi” produced by Mahia Entertainment was released. This album has eight songs written by Adalat Sahil, music is by Anurag Sinha and direction is of Anil Rah.(Ranjan Sinha)
  • Adi Shakti Entertainment, the famous and top grade producer of Bhojpuri films, continues to rule the popularity charts this year too. This year “Diljale”, “Dushmani”. Ladai La Ankhiya Ae Launderaja” were super hits, “Gundairaj” was a hit and “Mard No.1” also did a good business. Adi Shakti is busy with “Piyava Bada Satavela” starring Ravi Kishan and directed by Rajkumar R.Pandey. This film is on floor.(Prashant-Nishant)
  • Bhojpuri producers complain that women do not come to see Bhojpuri films but producer Priya Bhattacharya has done better. She has produced a film “Kabhi Awe Na Judai” which is drawing huge crowd of women viewers to cinema halls. This was seen at Shilpi cinema hall at Chapra recently even when the show was to start from 8-30AM and large number of women viewers came with their family to see this film directed by Vivek Kumar Rao and starring Pankaj Kesri, Priyanka Pathak, Sejal Sharma, Raza Murad, Israt Ali, and Vinay Bihari. Priya Bhattacharya says the film has created a new image for Bhojpuri films and now families will start visiting theaters again to see Bhojpuri films.(Shashikant Singh)
  • Star actress Akshara Singh is going to play the title role of a queen in “Maharani”. This Bhojpuri film will be produced under Mahabir Banner. The producer Ramanand Chaudhary recently announced at a function held in Mumbai. Viraj Bhatt will be the hero.There will be nine songs in the film. Recording of the songs are underway and the shooting will be held in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.(Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala)
  • Shooting of “Mehraru Chahi Milky White” produded by Manohar S.Jha is complete and the post production work in under progress. This is a family oriented romantic film starring Rani Chatterjee and Priyesh Sinha in the lead roles. All the shootings has been done in Mumbai. There are two item numbers in the film, one each by Seema Singh and Purnila Roy.(Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala)
  • “Damad Chahi Fokat Me”, a Bhojpuri film produced by Jai Vijay Singh, Arunesh and Anil Kumar Trivedi under the banner of Indus Cine Productions Pvt.Ltd. is going to be relased soon. Bal Kishan Singh has directed this film, the first in his direction. The film has eight songs written by Satish Tiwari and Mahesh Kumar, music is by K.Ratnesh. The lead stars of the film are Vinay Anand, Naina Om, Rajesh Singh, Shweta Mishra. Sonam Arora and others. The next film to be directed by Bal Kishan Singh will be “Gabarua Bhag Gayel”.(Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala)
  • Now the Bhojpuria screen too will show the gangwars between underworld don Daud Ibrahim and Chhota Rajan. The film is “Dangal”. Muhurt was held recently at Char Bunglos MHADA. The film will be produced by Maqbool and Diwakar Kumar. Sridhar Shetty will direct the film and Vinay Anand will be the lead star playing the role of an underworld don. Maqbool says that the story is being researched and will be made on the basis of this researched story. Shootings will be done in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.
    (Shashikant Singh)
  • A new devotional album “Mata Ne Bulaya Hai” was released at a religious function hele at Chhatarpur Dham in Delhi. The album has also the voice of Pramod Pandey. The video was shot at Varansi and Becon Music is distributing it in India as well as abroad.(Shashikant Singh)

Due to some problems new articles got delayed and a big waiting list has resulted. The news are given in brief and our regular coverage will start soon. Till then we are sorry for the inconvenience caused to everyone related with these items and also to our readers.



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अँजोरिया के भामाशाह

अगर चाहत बानी कि अँजोरिया जीयत रहे आ मजबूती से खड़ा रह सके त कम से कम 11 रुपिया के सहयोग कर के एकरा के वित्तीय संसाधन उपलब्ध कराईं. यूपीआई पहचान हवे - भा सहयोग भेजला का बाद आपन एगो फोटो आ परिचय
पर भेज दीं. सभकर नाम शामिल रही सूची में बाकिर सबले बड़का पाँच गो भामाशाहन के एहिजा पहिला पन्ना पर जगहा दीहल जाई.
अबहीं ले 13 गो भामाशाहन से कुल मिला के सात हजार तीन सौ अठासी रुपिया (7388/-) के सहयोग मिलल बा. सहजोग राशि आ तारीख का क्रम से पाँच गो सर्वश्रेष्ठ भामाशाह -
18 जून 2023
गुमनाम भाई जी,
सहयोग राशि - एगारह सौ रुपिया


24 जून 2023 दयाशंकर तिवारी जी,
सहयोग राशि - एगारह सौ एक रुपिया
18 जुलाई 2023
फ्रेंड्स कम्प्यूटर, बलिया
सहयोग राशि - एगारह सौ रुपिया
19 नवम्बर 2023
पाती प्रकाशन का ओर से, आकांक्षा द्विवेदी, मुम्बई
सहयोग राशि - एगारह सौ रुपिया

24 अप्रैल 2024
सौरभ पाण्डेय जी
सहयोग राशि - एगारह सौ रुपिया

पूरा सूची
एगो निहोरा बा कि जब सहयोग करीं त ओकर सूचना जरुर दे दीं. एही चलते तीन दिन बाद एकरा के जोड़नी ह जब खाता देखला पर पता चलल ह.


हेल्थ इन्श्योरेंस करे वाला संस्था बहुते बाड़ी सँ बाकिर स्टार हेल्थ एह मामिला में लाजवाब बा, ई हम अपना निजी अनुभव से बतावतानी. अधिका जानकारी ला स्टार हेल्थ से संपर्क करीं.
शेयर ट्रेडिंग करे वालन खातिर सबले जरुरी साधन चार्ट खातिर ट्रेडिंगव्यू
शेयर में डे ट्रेडिंग करे वालन खातिर सबले बढ़िया ब्रोकर आदित्य बिरला मनी
हर शेेयर ट्रेेडर वणिक हैै - WANIK.IN



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