A new begtining in Cinema Bhojpuri with ‘Dekh Ke’

Today everyone is willing to be the ‘Krishna’ of Mahabharat days but no one is willing to be the ‘Arjun’. The same is true in ralation to Cinema Bhojpuri. But TV stars SriVardhan Trivedi and Nikhil Raj have dared to start a new begining in Bhojpuri cinema with their film ‘Dekh Ke’ produced under tha banner of Philharmonic Entetainment.

‘Dekh Ke’ will be a landmark film in its presentation and canvas. This is an attempt to relate with the society at large and taking Bhojpuri industry out of the morass of ‘Khatia patia and Lanhanga Chunri’.

A new experiment has been done in its music too where the classical and folklore Bhojpuri music is mixed in the modern music by Bonny Chakravarty and Paul Jacob. The singers are Kailash Kher, Saiyo Bamba Kamara of South Africa, Yogeshwaran Mannikannam and South Indian singer Bombay Jaishree.

The stars in the film are Srivardhan Trivedi, Nikhil Raj, Zakir Hussain, Vandana Vasistha, Jeetu Shastri, Nishashree, Mahendra Mevati, Awadhesh Mishra, Srikanakani, and Prakash Jais.

(Space Creative Media report)


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