Chingaari is based on Champa Vishwas rape case.

Bhojpuri film ‘Chingari’, produced by a joint venture of Khushi Creations of India and City Entertainment of Hongkong, is said to be based on the story of Champa Vishwas. Champa was the wife of an IAS officer at Patna and was repeated raped for many years by a criminal son of a ruling MLA. Finally she had the courage to tell the complete story to her husband. The matter was then brought to court after Human Rights Commission intervened in the matter and ultimately the rapist and his mother were sentenced by the court.

Rani Chatterjee is playing the role of Champa in this film.

‘Chingari’ also has the distinction of being the 1st Bhojpuri film in which a Hollywood star is acting. Warwick Davis, a star of Star Wars fame, is playing a BBC reporter in this film who brings the story of Champa in world media.

(Shashikant Singh report)


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