Shooting starts for Anjana Singh’s ‘Lal Dupatta Wali’

Shooting for ‘Lal Dupatta Wali’ starring Anjana Singh, who is called the hot cake of Bhojpuri cinema, has started. She is paired with a newcomer actor Rohit Singh who is starting his Bhojpuri film career with this film. The film is being directed by Shailesh Pandey. Anjana Singh says that she is in the role of a girl of an influential family who falls in love with Rohit Singh and the film depicts the story to get that love.

Anjana Singh has just returned from the shooting of ‘Lahu Ke Do Rang’. Her recently released films ‘Devra Pe Manva Dole’ and ‘DilLe Gayeel Odhani Wali’ has been enthusiastically received by the viewers. Another film starring Anjana, ‘Ek Bihari Sau Par Bhari’ is going to release this month. Anjana is the Bengali beloved of Bihari Nirahua.

Anjana’s other upcoming fims are ‘Vardi Wala Gunda’ with Nirahua, ‘Lawaris’ with Pawan Singh, ‘Lahu Ke Do Rang’ with Khesarilal, ‘Mard Tangewala’ with Viraj Bhatt and few more.

(Uday Bhagat report)


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