A new sun (Aditya in Hindi) is going to shine on the Bhojpuri screen these days and his name too is Aditya Ojha. Grown in a film background Aditya is preparing for his IAS exam but due to his passion for acting he is also acting as the lead star in Bhojpuri film “Sugna” and his partner in the film is Kajal Raghani. News about this new pair of stars is already humming in the Bhojpuri film industry. Aaditya Jha is doing a double role in “Sugna” produced by Brown Eyes and directed by Ajay Ojha. Aaditya is originally from Chapra district of Bihar and he decided to start his career with a Bhojpuri film to please his grand mother who speaks only Bhojpuri. Other stars of the film also include Rajiv Dinkar and Kalpana Shah. Music of the film is by Gunwant Sen and lyrics by Fanndra Rao. Story writer is Rajesh Pandey.

(Source : Uday Bhagat)


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