Years ago Sahhrukh Khan had played a role of a psycho and Awadhesh Mishra, better knows as the Badman of Bhojpuri films, is going to do a similar role in the famous Bhojpuri film Jara Deb Duniya Tohra Pyaar Me.

This film was included in the Cannes Film Festival and is produced by an American company Pun Films. Awadhesh Mishra is madly in love of the heroin who is in love of the hero Ravi Kishan. Awadhesh does much blood-letting but ultimately fails,a s it alwayas happens in the films.

Awadhesh thanks the director of the film for making his role stand out in the film and most effective. This film was also the first Bhojpuri film to be sht on R.E.D. camera.

The film is going to release in Bihar this very month.

(Source : Uday Bhagat)

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