The best-selling female artist of all time – Kalpana has made an indelible impact on the Bhojpuri music industry and audiences everywhere. Blessed with a stunning five-octave range and signature vocal abilities, the singularly talented star singer continues to reach new heights of artistic growth and popularity.

As a singer, she has been recognized with Bhikhari Thakur Samman, Swar Kokila, Swar Samragee , Bhojpuri Swar Mallika, Bhojpuri Sewa Samman, Bhojpuri Sangam Samman, Panchamrit Samman, Atkrista Gayak Samman, The Bhojpuri Queen to name a few.

Released in 2003, Gawanwa Leja Rajaji strongly resonated with audiences, becoming that year’s best-selling album in India and selling more than 1 crore units nationwide to date. Kalpana broke milestones with the album which opened the Bhojpuri music industry in India.

Bhojpuri Queen Kalpana is the uncrowned empress of playback singing of Bhojpuri cinema. Her achievements and eminence is so great that words fall short of describing the greatness and contributions made by her playback singing to Bhojpuri cinema. The subject of Bhojpuri music and cinema is incomplete without mentioning her name. She is a pride not only of UP & BIHAR but also of the entire country. She adorns the zenith in the field of vocal music. She is known as Kalpna, to every Bhojpurian!

Says Kalpana, Nearly 200 million people speak this language and about how Bhojpuri films has provided a big platform to the underclass. However Bhojpuri literature hasn


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