Bhojpuri Film goes to Cannes Film Festival

Bhojpuri films are now trying to get visibility on the international circuit. For the first time in the history of Bhojpuri Films, Jala Debh Duniya Tohra Pyar Mein, produced by American Film company PUN Films will be making its presence felt in the India Pavilion at the world’s prestigious Cannes Film Festival 2010. Bhojpuri superstar Ravi Kishan resurrected Bhojpuri film industry ten years ago, today he is once again writing the pages of history with a Bhojpuri Film to be showcased at Cannes in which he plays the lead role.

When PUN Films decided to come to India to make a film, they met with Ravi Kishan, who presented to them the opportunity to make a Bhojpuri Film. Says Ravi, “I extended them all the support to make their first venture in India a grand success. It was necessary to make them comfortable with the style of working in India and particularly in Bhojpuri Films.” Sudhir Kadam of PUN Films said, “Among the regional film industries other than those from South, Bhojpuri has the maximum potential and countrywide market, so that was a no brainer, but what clinched it for us was the support from Ravi Kishan, who went out of his way to ensure that we had the right resources and support to see our project through.”

PUN Films has set a new standard in Bhojpuri Film Industry by picking talent from FTII – Director, Dhiraj Kumar, and the DOP, D N Shukla are top students with awards to their credit. The entire technical crew comprised of top professionals coming for the first time to make a Bhojpuri Film. Says, Pawan Sharma, producer of PUN Films, “The results are here to see, we have created a product that will not only make Bhojpuri Film Industry proud, but also India proud because this film has put the little known industry on the international map.” Jala Debh is among the first Bhojpuri films that has used international digital cinematography techniques and computer generated visual effects.

(Source : Uday Bhagat)


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