If there was no Birha there wont have been Vijay, his fame, and his identity as Bhojpuri films. But Vijay Lal Yadav has made his mark as Birha Samrat in Bhojouri cinema. He started his acting career with the biggest hit “Nirahua Rickshawwala” and “Munna Bajrangi”. Vijay says that Birha is a folk music style which present all the pain and agony of a heroine away from her love. Vijay is thankful to his fans who laud him everywhere, on the Birha stage as well as film theaters. Vijay Lal Yadav has made his identity with films like “Biyah, Bhiya Ke Sasurai Me, Trinetra, Karent Mare Goriya, Bulandi, Nathinya Pe Goli Mare” etc.

(Source : Dinesh Chandar)


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