Durga Pd.Majumdar of Adi Shakti Entertainment is a sensitive film maker of Bhojpuri cinema. Born at and primary educated from Varanasi, Durga Prasad belongs to a music gharana. He learned the finesse of music from Pt.Kishan Maharaj in the shadow of his father Dr.Bhanu Majumdar and his fingers danced over “Pakhavaj”. Later he shifted with his family along with his elder brother to Mumbai but remains a Banarasi by heart.
Durga Prasad has produced more than 50 Bhojpuri films including “Lagal Raha E Rajaji, Nirahua Chalal Sasural, Pratigya, Ho Gayeeli Deewana Tohre Pyaar Me, Chalani Ke Chalal Dulha, Prem Ke Rog Bhayeel, Vah Khiladi Vah, Saat Saheliyan, Daag, Gundairaaj, Chorwa Banal Damad”, and “Dushmani” etc. Arriving in Mumbai Durga Prasad worked as musician with R.D.Burman, Laxmikant Pyaarelal, Ravindra Jain etc and finally made music his profession. He started the first digital studio of Mumbai, “Trio Digital” and then entered film production in a big way. He also gave music in hundreds of albums. Durga Prasad denies that Bhojpuri films and music are vulgar. He cites Hollywood and Bollywood films and says films do not represent the society but shows it in general. Durga Prasad believes Bhojpuri cinema do not need govt. patronage and very soon it will donate them dividends.

(Source – Shashikant Singh, Ranjan Sinha)


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